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What Is a Contact Lens Fitting?

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An optician measures a girl's corneal radii with a keratometer in a clinic.

Your contact lenses can be a nice change of pace from your prescription glasses, but they require a more precise fit from your eye doctor to get them just right. An important part of your contact lens exam is the fitting process. This ensures your new lenses fit safely and comfortably.

A comprehensive contact lens exam and fitting allow your optometrist to fine-tune the details of your new contacts and determine if you need specialty lenses. Let’s explore what you can expect during your contact lens exam and fitting and how it can benefit your eye health. 

Your Contact Lens Exam & Fitting Process

A contact lens prescription is typically different from your eyeglasses prescription, and the exam takes a little bit longer than your standard eye exam. During your exam, your optometrist looks for irregularities in the shape of your cornea to help you find the right contact lenses for your eyes. 

The exam and fitting process is crucial for your eye health, as the wrong contacts or improper fit can damage your vision. There are different steps that your eye doctor will walk you through during the exam.

Beginning the Exam

Your contact lenses sit directly on your eyes, so there are many variables to consider when finding the right contact lenses. The exam kicks off with your eye doctor asking you some questions about your lifestyle and performing additional tests to help determine what contact lenses will work for you.

In-depth visual testing will also be implemented into your exam to help your optometrist recommend specialty contact lenses or manage conditions like dry eye and keratoconus if needed.

Getting the Right Fit

Following a detailed examination of your eyes, the next step is to find the right fit for your new contact lenses. Your eye care professional will test how your new lenses react with your eyes and prioritize your comfort and safety throughout the process. 

A contact lens fitting helps determine the perfect lenses for your eye shape and lifestyle. 

A close-up of a young girl holding a  contact lens on her right index finger close to her eye and she's about to  insert it into her eyes.

Taking a Trial Pair of Lenses for a Spin

Your first pair of lenses may not be the ones that are best for your eyes, and that’s okay! The trial period is essential and allows you to try your new contacts for a few days to see how your eyes react to different activities. These activities include using your computer, going in and out of bright areas, or even going out for a drive.

The trial period is also an excellent time to communicate if you feel discomfort or if the lenses are causing other issues to your optometrist. If the trial lenses feel great, you will be all set with your new lenses—if not, you will be able to discuss and find another pair that suits your eyes!

Convenient Online Ordering

Following the trial period, once you’re happy with your new contact lenses, you’ll be able to refill your prescription through convenient online ordering

Life can get busy, and online ordering allows you to save time and pick up your lenses at a time that works best for you. 

Contact Lens Maintenance Is Key

Just like you take care of your eyeglasses—your contact lenses need maintenance too. A big part of your contact lens exam and fitting is discussing thorough care instructions for your new contact lenses. 

It’s important to follow the maintenance instructions for your contacts as their lifespan will increase with proper care. Some general instructions to follow can include: 

  • Keeping the schedule your optometrist gives you for wearing and replacing your new lenses.
  • Keeping your eye exam appointments consistent to make sure your lenses fit properly. 
  • Avoid showering, swimming, using a hot tub, or doing anything where water can get in your eyes while wearing your contacts.

It’s also essential to wash your hands with soap and water and clean your contact lenses with the right cleaning solution daily. 

Enjoy Your New Contact Lenses

No contact lens exam is complete without a comprehensive fitting to ensure a comfortable and safe fit. Without a proper fitting, your contact lenses can potentially damage your vision and your overall eye health. Book an appointment with our eye care professionals at Crum Optometric Group to schedule your comprehensive contact lens exam and fitting today.

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