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Protect Your Eyesight from Disease 

At Crum Optometric Group, we screen for various eye diseases during every comprehensive eye exam. Our industry-leading diagnostic technology can catch eye diseases in their early stages when they’re easier to treat and manage.

Many eye diseases can progress without warning signs or symptoms and affect every age group. Your routine eye exam is the best defense against eye disease, and our optometrists will help protect your vision. 

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Common Eye Diseases & Conditions


Glaucoma is a group of diseases that progressively damage the optic nerve. Older adults are most at risk from glaucoma, but there are occurrences of this disease in younger people.

Glaucoma is called the “silent thief of sight” because the disease advances slowly with no symptoms. Most patients don’t notice a change in their vision until glaucoma is in its advanced stages.

At Crum Optometric Group, we offer glaucoma testing as part of your routine eye exam. This disease is manageable if caught in the early stages, and our optometrists will work hard to preserve your vision

A cataract occurs when your eye’s lens becomes rigid and opaque. Cataracts occur as a normal part of the aging process but can be exacerbated by many factors, such as excessive alcohol use and diabetes.

Symptoms of cataracts include:

  • Cloudy vision
  • Dimmed vision
  • Faded color vision
  • Sensitivity to light or glare

Eyeglasses or contact lenses can help with mild cataracts. However, cataracts may require surgery if they become more severe.

The macula is at the center of your retina, and its primary purpose is to provide sharp, precise central vision. A gradual breakdown of the macula causes age-related macular degeneration (AMD) as we grow older.

AMD is the leading cause of vision loss in adults over 50. As this condition worsens, it may affect the quality of your central vision, resulting in straight lines appearing blurry or a blank area in the center of your vision.

The cornea is a dome over the front of the eye. But the cornea structure can weaken and thin in some individuals, taking on a cylindrical or cone-like shape. This condition is called keratoconus, which generally begins between the ages of 10 and 25.

Symptoms of keratoconus can include:

  • Distorted vision
  • Sensitivity to bright light
  • Sudden clouding or worsening of vision
  • Frequent changes to prescriptions

Keratoconus generally develops over many years. While it can be corrected with contact lenses and glasses in its early stages, patients may require a corneal transplant if it progresses.

Parents may recognize conjunctivitis by its more famous nickname: pink eye.

The transparent layer that covers the sclera (the whites of the eyes) is called the conjunctiva. When the conjunctiva becomes infected, the small blood vessels in the eye become inflamed and irritated. These swollen vessels cause the eye to appear pink (hence the nickname!).

There are many types of conjunctivitis, but viral or bacterial infections are most common. Viral and bacterial conjunctivitis are highly contagious. Ask any school teacher!

Luckily, our optometrists can easily treat conjunctivitis, but the treatments vary depending on the type. Please contact us if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Redness in one or both eyes
  • Itchiness eyes
  • Gritty feelings in one or both eyes
  • Discharge in one or both eyes
  • Crusting in the eyes that forms during the night
  • Tearing

Total Vision Protection 

At Crum Optometric Group, we offer compassionate eye care using top-of-the-line diagnostic technology to help your vision stay healthy and happy. 

Routine eye exams are an essential step toward diagnosing and managing eye diseases in their earliest stages. Please book an appointment today and know that you and your family are in great hands!

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