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Eye emergencies are serious and require immediate treatment. Don’t hesitate to call Crum Optometric Group in an urgent situation. Please contact us if you need help for yourself or any of your family members.

If our office is closed, proceed immediately to an emergency care center

The following symptoms can indicate an eye emergency: 

If you’re unsure if your symptoms count as an emergency, please contact us. We can gauge your situation and provide you with advice. It’s always best to be cautious and double-check with a professional as untreated eye emergencies can result in long-term vision problems.

Types of Eye Emergencies 

Sudden Vision Loss

It’s imperative to seek immediate treatment if you experience sudden vision loss, even if it’s only temporary or only occurs in a part of your vision. A sudden onset of flashing lights and floaters may also indicate a significant issue with your vision.

Please contact us right away for consultation and treatment.

If our office is closed, proceed immediately to the nearest urgent care center.

Take action immediately if your eyes contact a chemical as damage can occur quickly if left untreated. Flush your eyes with clean, cold water for several minutes, and please call us immediately.

A chemical splash can happen in a variety of environments at any time. It’s crucial to remain vigilant about safety concerns in your surroundings.

Common types of chemical injuries are:

  • Acid burns: From products such as nail polish, vinegar, and car batteries.
  • Alkali burns: From household objects such as fertilizer, cleaning products, and cement.
  • Irritants: From items with a neutral PH like detergents and pepper spray.

Flying pieces of material, blunt force, or blows can result in eye trauma. These types of injuries can include cuts, scrapes, and puncture wounds. Retinal detachment can be caused by a light impact, resulting in a significant eye injury.

If you experience a blunt force injury to the eye:

Your Vision Needs Protection  

Pay close attention to your surroundings to reduce your risk of eye emergencies. Be aware of the risks involved in every activity, and be prepared with a standard first aid kit

It’s incredible how big of a difference protective eyewear can make to prevent eye injuries. Our optometrists even recommend sunglasses to act as protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays

Your family’s eye health is our main priority at Crum Optometric Group. If you or your loved one requires emergency care, don’t wait: call us right away. We can assess your symptoms and provide you with timely, accurate treatment. 

If our office is closed, proceed immediately to the nearest urgent care center.

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